Main activities of “Gasstroymontaj” from its foundation in 1971 to nowadays are gas pipeline construction and all related activities, as follows:

  • Construction and assembly of high pressure and large diameter gas pipelines;
  • Construction and assembly of product conduits, crude oil, water-supply and heat-transfer pipelines and the related facilities;
  • Construction of gas compressor stations, automatic gas pressure reducing stations, gas distribution units, gas measuring stations, etc;
  • Non-destructive test on welded joints done by the company’s own certified laboratory;
  • Laying and testing of insulation coatings on steel pipes, and measuring activities;
  • Testing and commissioning of pipelines and related facilities;
  • Cathodic protection of steel structures;
  • Rental of machinery in the country and abroad.

“Gasstroymontaj” has unique specialized machinery fleet, high qualified managerial, executive and supervisory personnel to implement all types of works related to the construction of gas pipelines including: tracing (marking out) and preparing of ROW, transportation and stringing of pipes, pipe facing, heat-treating with induction coils, hanging, carrying and alignment of the pipes, technological performance of the welded joints (automatically or manually), radiographic control, insulation of the joints, laying of the gas pipeline in the trench, installation of cathodic protection and fibre-optic cables in the pipes area, properly backfilling, leveling and restoration of the typical ecological condition of the terrain.

Since its establishment in 1971 up to now “Gasstroymontaj” has successfully constructed the entire high pressure gas transfer network in Bulgaria, including gas compressor and gas pressure reducing stations.

The company has built the transit gas pipelines from Russia to Turkey, Greece and Macedonia which crosses the whole territory of Bulgaria.

In terms of figures, it means over 3 000 km of gas pipelines of various diameters, along with the facilities related thereto. Thus, the company makes possible the wide use of natural gas in the industry, energy sector and everyday life.

During all these years of operation, “Gasstroymontaj” has performed various types of construction activities, such as: earthworks of a volume exceeding 850 000 m3 per year, railway crossings, road crossings, river crossings, river corrections, stabilization of river banks and beds, landslides protection, anti-erosive measures, hydro-technical facilities, etc.

The high professionalism of the specialists involved, having an extensive experience, together with the unique, specialized machinery fleet, helped the company to become one of the leading pipeline contractors within the Balkan area.

All such factors contributed for the name of “Gasstroymontaj” JSC to become a guarantor for the observance of high-quality performance standards at every construction site, which makes the company preferred and reliable partner both locally and abroad.