“Gasstroymontaj” JSC has strengthened its position of a leading company on the Bulgarian market with respect to the construction of water pipelines and sewerage systems, based on different materials – steel, GRP (glass reinforced plastic), high density polyethylene, cast-iron, concrete, BONNA reinforced concrete pressure pipes.

In the recent years the glass reinforced plastic material has begun to encroach upon the Bulgarian market and to compete and replace the steel in the design and construction of water pipelines with diameters over 600 mm. “Gasstroymontaj” JSC in line with the latest trends contributed to their realization in Bulgaria through the implementation in 2005-2006 of the awarded after strong competition first in Bulgaria big contract for engineering, procurement and construction of pipeline from GRP material. This was the project for cooling water make up pipeline with diameter 600 mm and 800 mm, total length 18 km in the region of TPP „Enel Maritza East 3”.

At the end of 2008 “Gasstroymontaj” JSC won a competition, the first one after a 10 years period here in Bulgaria project for pressure water pipeline from cast-iron material: “Reconstruction of pressure water pipeline for drinking water from CPS “Ormana” to pressure water tank “Borovets”, town of Yambol”, that is implemented with ductile cast iron socket pipes with rubber gaskets Tyton or Standard, calculated for 10 atmospheres. The pressure water-main crosses under main roads and Tundzha River, as the crossings are done with horizontal drilling and installation of a casing steel pipe. The water-main has two tubes Ø 500 mm.

Very specific is the assembling of the reinforced concrete pipes type BONNA, diameter 2100mm) that the company executed successfully at TPP “Maritza East 1” in 2007-2008.

The specialized pipeline equipment which the company has, its qualified personnel and long experience help “Gasstroymontaj” JSC to implement any pipeline project successfully regardless of the material of the pipes and specific technology for installation.