Since its establishment in 1971 till the present moment the main activities of “Gasstroymontaj” are related to the construction and installation of pipelines with varying complexity.

Since 2001 “Gasstroymontaj” JSC is actively involved in the implementation of various projects connected with vertical and horizontal drilling with different parameters and complexity – projects for stabilization of excavations and foundations of buildings, consolidation of landslides, etc. Our employers are different ministries, governmental institutions and private investors.

In 2008 “Gasstroymontaj” JSC bought a new specialized drilling rig for geothermal drilling model HÜTTE TKB605 that is able to execute geothermal drilling – deep drilling up to 200 m. Thus, “Gasstroymontaj” JSC seeks to respond to the new demands and increased requirements in the area of the renewable energy sources and to offer the new for the Bulgarian market service – the performance of geothermal drilling and heating. At the implementation of this activity “Gasstroymontaj” combines the experience gained so far in the projects for pipes installation and such for implementation of horizontal and vertical drilling.
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