The development of the gas industry in the Republic of Bulgaria started in 1963 with the discovery of the Chiren gas field in Northwestern Bulgaria.

The geographical location of Bulgaria provides the shortest possible route of Russian natural gas to consumers in South and Southeast Europe, which creates favourable conditions for the development of the national gas transfer network and for its connection to the European energy system.

In view of the state strategy according to which Bulgaria was to become an energy center in the Balkans, in 1971, in compliance with the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in force, the state-owned specialized construction company Gasstroymontaj was established.


The main objectives were, as follows:

  • Construction of the national gas transfer network in the territory of the country – the internal ring transferring gas for the needs of Bulgaria;
  • Construction of transit gas transfer network passing across the territory of Bulgaria, transiting natural gas from Russia to the countries of the Balkan region – Turkey, Greece and Republic of Macedonia;
  • Construction of all gas transfer network related facilities;
  • Construction of crude oil, water-supply and heat-transfer pipelines as well as product conduits and related facilities.

In 2002 “Gasstroymontaj” became a 100% private join-stock company and began to diversify its activities. The high professionalism and experience of the specialists involved, together with the unique, specialized machinery fleet, the extensive experience gained in the pipeline construction and the strategy of the new company management body helped the company to become one of the leading pipeline contractors within the Balkan area.

Under the leadership of the new management body the company affirms its positions from the past and continues to prove itself in the conditions of getting stronger competition at the Bulgarian and international market. “Gasstroymontaj” looks for appearance not only in the field of pipeline construction but in other fields of construction too. The company successfully entered the market of the following new activities:


  • Earth stabilization of foundations and landslides – execution of piles and anchors
  • Construction of waste water and potable water treatment plants, water-supply and sewage systems
  • Road Construction
  • Construction of telecommunication networks
  • Construction and reconstruction of buildings.