Main activities

In view of performing its main activities, “Gasstroymontaj” JSC maintains the availability of a wide range of own machinery and equipment, including full sets of unique for this kind of activity special machinery made by manufacturers enjoying high international reputation, such as Caterpillar Inc., CRC-Evans Pipeline International Inc., Tamrock, Ingersoll-Rand Company, etc.

In relation to the new activities in recent years “Gasstroymontaj” JSC extended its machinery fleet with new specialized equipment, especially in the area of earth consolidation – the implementation of micro-piles, cast in-situ piles, anchors, and in the area of geothermal drilling. It is production of the internationally recognized manufacturers Casagrande, Hütte – ThyssenKrupp and Gertec.

The total quantity of the machinery fleet of “Gasstroymontaj” JSC exceeds 400 units.

“Gasstroymontaj” JSC has its own service divisions responsible for repairs, maintenance and servicing of the machine fleet. The service engineers, service technicians and the skilled staff in these divisions are highly qualified and have an extensive experience.

We offer to our clients also rent out of equipment in the country and abroad, accompanied or not by the relevant specialized staff – operators and technicians. Our pipeline equipment and technicians participated in the implementation of Lot C of the Turkish part of BTC (Baku – Tbilisi – Ceyhan) Crude Oil Pipeline Project, in the Kazakhstan – China Gas Pipeline Project, in the Hungarian NPS 40” Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Project between Beregdaróc and Algyö, in different projects in Croatia, Turkey, Greece, etc.