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EPC – extension and reconstruction of WWTP Isperih (2014-2015), 12 436PE, financed under OPE 2007-2013 Isperih Municipality 26.02.2014 28.12.2015
Construction of sewerage network /1.336km/ and reconstruction of urban water supply network /5.017km/ of town of Isperich – 1st stage Isperih Municipality 29.07.2013 29.04.2015
Drilling of of piles – 70pcs., dia. 800mm, unit depth 5m, total length 350m. Under Project: Emergency earth stabilization of 4th railway line from km 201+070 to km 201+120 in the section between railway station Krastetz and railway station Raduntsi “Ka Build BG” LTD 14.09.2015 09.10.2015
Drilling of of piles – 60pcs., dia. 800mm, unit depth 10m, total length 600m. Under Project: Earth stabilization of the right side of the 5th railway line from km 5+943 to km 6+008 by supporting piling wall with length 72m in the section between railway station Zaharna Fabrika and railway station Gorna Banya “DV Stroy Consult” LTD 16.07.2015 25.07.2015
Drilling of of piles – 128pcs., dia. 800mm, unit depth 15m, total length 1920m. Under Project: Sewage Pump Station (SPS) 1, pressure pipeline from SPS 1, SPS 2 and pressure pipeline from SPS 2 to Project: “Construction of WWTp Silistra” “Crystal Water” AD 03.10.2014 10.03.2015
Drilling and Casting in-situ of piles OD800mm, total length 2280m in the distance between the railway stations Smiadovo-Komunari on the 26th railway line Shumen - Komunari Kram Complex Company LTD 25.03.2014 23.05.2014
Injection, stabilization and reconstruction and rehabilitation works, buildings water and sewage systems and site sewage of the buildings of Professional School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, town of Plovdiv. First Stage - Block 6 Ministry of education, Republic of Bulgaria 30.12.2013 2015
CIW for improvement of the energy efficiency of schools in Septemvri Municipality Septemvri Municipality 15.07.2013 15.09.2013
Stabilization of roads in Gorna Oriahovitsa region, incl. implementation of cast in-situ piles with OD800mm, total length: 726.10m Enel Stroy Ltd. 18.10.2013 20.11.2013
Stabilization of railway road Veliko Tarnovo - Samovodene by drilling of cast in-situ piles OD800mm, total lenght: 1430m Geosonda Service - Kolev Ltd 12.2012 - 01.2013
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