water and Sewage Pipelines




Diameter mm


Isperih Municipality Construction of sewerage network /1.336km/ and reconstruction of urban water supply network /5.017km/ of town of Isperich – 1st stage канализация - 1.336км, водопровод - 5.017км 29.07.2013 29.04.2015
Sofia Municipality, Ovcha Kupel District Construction of 1st Main Sewage Collector in Gorna Banya quorter, Sofia Municipality 1.032 324-1125mm 03.02.2012 09.06.2012
Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works Reconstruction of water-supply pressure pipeline from Main Pump Station ”Ormana” to “Borovetz” water tank, town of Yambol
Ductile cast iron socket pipes for drinking water
HDPE pipes
5.72 - 0.58 500, 225, 315 и 560 2009 - 2010
Velingrad Municipality Modernization and reconstruction of HDPE Water-supply network and Road infrastructure, town of Sarnitza (next to Velingrad) and the region 28 40-160 15.09.2008 31.08.2009
Sopot Municipality Construction of HDPE sewerage pipeline in Anevo village 2.13 300 15.03.2007 30.04.2009
TPP “Maritsa East 1” / TGO, Turkey Construction and Installation of cooling water pipeline (BONNA pressure reinforced concrete pipes) 1.53 2100 07.01.2007 25.02.2009
TPP “Maritsa East 3 Power Company” Engineering, Procurement and Construction of GRP Pipeline for Cooling Water from “Rozov Kladenets” artificial lake to TPP “Maritsa East 3” 18 800 - 600 22.04.2005 03.08.2006
Kavarna Municipality Reconstruction and modernization of HDPE water supply pipeline from “Bolata” pump station to Bulgarevo village, Kavarna municipality 2 200 2005
FYROM/FZC ”11th Oktomvri” AD Steel Water-Supply Pipeline – Doyran Lake, Bogdantsi – Novi Doyran: Construction and Mechanical works i.e. installation, manual welding and lowering 19 914 2002
Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works Water-supply of Galabovo village, Banite municipality, Smolyan region HDPE pipes 9 110 2001
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