construction and Reconstruction of Buildings




Injection, stabilization and reconstruction and rehabilitation works, buildings water and sewage systems and site sewage of the buildings of Professional School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, town of Plovdiv. First Stage - Block 6 Ministry of education, Republic of Bulgaria 30.12.2013 2015
CIW for improvement of the energy efficiency of schools in Septemvri Municipality Septemvri Municipality 15.07.2013 15.09.2013
Reconstruction of 8 floors administrative office building with covered parking of the State Commission on Information Security in Sofia State Commission of Information Security, Bulgaria 27.08.2007 31.05.2010
Construction of administrative offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sofia – 3rd Police Regional Department, Sofia Ministry of Internal Affairs Bulgaria 05.02.2009 30.04.2010
Reconstruction of “Kiril & Metodii”, 117th Secondary School, Buhovo Town and 162nd “Primary School “Father Paissiy”, residential area Botunets, Sofia Sofia Municipality, Region ”Kremikovtzi”, Bulgaria 05.12.2007 30.12.2009
Construction of “The Gym” Fitness Center with restaurant and shooting room in “Strelbiste” residential area, Sofia “Avesta Trade” Bulgaria 30.07.2004 25.07.2005
Reconstruction of corpus No.1 in Military Unit 34340 – Gorna Banya, Sofia Ministry of Defence of Republic of Bulgaria 18.12.2001 14.06.2002
Reconstruction of hotel “Miraj”, “Sunny day” resort, town of Varna, on the Black Sea Coast Sunny day AD Bulgaria 29.10.2001 19.01.2002
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